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Rough Night

Here is a short blip of a story, I wanted to practice writing in a different genre than I normally do just to see how I did. Enjoy.   She took a drag off the end of her half – smoked cigarette. Waiting in her car there was […]

A Short Story: Jeanie

A lily sat on her table. She picked it up, and flung it against the wall. The shattering vase broke into thousands of pieces, shards flew back at her cutting her face and her hands, but she didn’t feel them. She was already in too much pain. She […]

School Break: A Short Story

I wrote this piece for class as well, but in the end decided to go with a different story I wrote for my final paper, which I shared on here as well…The Artist. Enjoy (It reads like a middle school-er book) Emma went crashing down the stairs, tossing […]

The Artist: A Short Story

I wrote this story today for class, I haven’t yet received a grade, but either way I am quite proud of it. I am planning to take this short story and build it into a novel. So if you are reading this now, you are getting a sneak […]


It was Thanksgiving time in the Kendal household, and that meant only one thing, food and lots of it. But Katy wasn’t interested in just any food, she was interested in the turkey – but most especially the wish bone within the turkey. You see, Katy just learned […]

Gobble Gobble: A Short Story

“Gobble gobble” chirped Miss Turkey, “It’s one day to Thanksgiving!” The clock on the wall was a Thanksgiving purchase of her husband, Miss Turkey, he named it, and the name stuck. She gobbled on the hour, and at the noon hour she reminded you how many days you […]

Short Story: In The Night

Her dog woke her abruptly from a fitful sleep, she turned over shouting at the dog, “No! Stop it! Stop whining!” The stress of the nightmare and her overtiredness wearing her patience thin. The dog was whining at the bedroom door, as he always did when it was […]