Tag: RV Living

Dreams or Premonition?

I had a dream last night, a very vivid dream. One in which my sister, Becky, the one who passed away, picked out the perfect RV for me. It was a blue van, reconfigured with a bathroom inside, and when you opened the backdoors, there was a kitchen […]

Prepping The Haunted Trail

I spent today prepping our trail for some Halloween fun! Spooky signs, scary witches, pumpkins, ghosts, and hanging ghouls are just some of the creatures you’ll encounter on our trail. We’ve always had a “bunny” trail thanks to my sister. The bunny trail was decorated with little bunnies […]

Travel Trailer Budget

I went to an RV show today. Not only was I impressed, but I was impressed with the options that are available and yet so affordable in getting a travel trailer. The thing about it that I have to always remember is that the cost of the travel trailer […]

Researching Travel Trailers

I know I’ve been talking a lot about the Thor Motor Coach, but lately I’ve been looking at those travel trailers and getting interested in the idea of redoing a vintage travel trailer. The kind that sell for around $2,000 OBO. They are adorable, particularly when people redo […]