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Psychosis. A Poem

Shaking through and through, fear runs the show. Running through the woods,  a sniper in the trees. Dreams become real, real becomes a dream. Those you love are gone, those around are deadly. The secret is in the woods,  the book holds the key. Who am I, who […]

It Wasn’t You. A Poem.

Intrepid burning in my heart, I thought you were the only one. My heart, I thought true to you,  then age progressed, and time it fades. My love was true, but now it’s gone, the memories hold forever strong.  I sometimes dream of love once true, but now […]

Poetry, My Current Writing Dilemma

I’ve never written poetry before. I’ve read it, but I don’t always understand it. Poetry often baffles me. I love the rhythm of the words, but the deep meaning of the words usually escapes me. I’ve considered taking a poetry class, just to get an understanding, but it […]