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Playing With Watercolors

I’ve never thought of myself as very good with watercolors because I have no experience using them. I am trying to change that by practicing with all types of mediums even those I am not as comfortable with. Today I did this by playing with watercolors. I had […]

Practice Makes Perfect!

I’ve been working on painting with acrylics since I really don’t know much about using the medium. A coworker was generous enough to give me a couple of packets of paintable canvas place-mats that they had laying around the house. I like to think I’ve been putting them […]

A girl and her dog 

Today when I sat down to paint I didn’t quite know what I was going to do. Then it was suggested to me to paint a picture of a photograph I took of a beautiful field and silo in the background. It was changing from green to yellow, […]


I love the fun loving appearance and joy that folk art gives off, so I decided to see what I could make of it. This was my first experience with acrylic paints and I decided to paint with both canvas and wood. I call these both “Night.” The […]

Woodland Life

When I was first messing with oil paintings, I did a series of animals (including our horse – Pocos Free Chuck) as a gift for my mother. She now has a whole gallery in her home – much to my embarrassment!