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Starting A Novel

I started a novel yesterday, and got through just over 1000 words, just barely touching on the beginning, and certainly haven’t reached the main plot, although some background was certainly introduced. My main character was introduced, Jessica, a young thirty-six year old woman who was recently left by […]

New Book In The Works

I started a new book today, this one is not for children. It’s an adult novel, and my goal is to write between 1000-2000 words per day. On the weekends I’ll double that number. I’d like to get my book written in a month, that way I have […]

Sadness Ensued…

I was disappointed for the first time on Hubpages as one of my articles was not featured. I got notified this morning. I shouldn’t be so sad about it because it is still published on Hubpages. It’s just not going to get indexed by Google unless I make […]

Character Development

Do you develop your characters prior to writing your novel or do you let them develop as your story progresses? I suppose a second question that goes along with this is how much outlining do you do of your story prior to the actual writing? I am finding […]

Writing Schedules

Does anyone else have a writing schedule to complete their novel? I’ve been reading a lot about scheduling time to write, and while it doesn’t sound like the most creative way to work, it will force me to be creative at the most inopportune times. It sounds like […]