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It’s Halloween-Time!

It’s Halloween-time, and you know what that means….CANDY! So guess what I made yesterday for our upcoming family Halloween party, some ghoulishly delicious chocolate fingers and some ghostly chocolate-y cookies. We also have one more surprise for tomorrow, a scarecrow taco dip (compliments of Betty Crocker)! There might […]

Short Story: In The Night

Her dog woke her abruptly from a fitful sleep, she turned over shouting at the dog, “No! Stop it! Stop whining!” The stress of the nightmare and her overtiredness wearing her patience thin. The dog was whining at the bedroom door, as he always did when it was […]

Getting in the Halloween Spirit

I decided to go through my clothes today and look for donate-able items, since I went clothes shopping recently and realized I only wear half of what I own! I was thoroughly pleased to find in my clothes stash, that I own not just one, but three Halloween […]

Prepping The Haunted Trail

I spent today prepping our trail for some Halloween fun! Spooky signs, scary witches, pumpkins, ghosts, and hanging ghouls are just some of the creatures you’ll encounter on our trail. We’ve always had a “bunny” trail thanks to my sister. The bunny trail was decorated with little bunnies […]