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Littlest Container Garden Growth

My littlest container garden has seen some new growth, as well as some hardships. A few of my plants got waterlogged because of their lack of drainage in the pots, while others thirsted for more during our random days of rain and sun. I’ve been having to keep […]

Garden Successes!

Today I checked out my little container garden after letting it be for awhile and I am happy to report the growth of three tomatoes, blooms on the green pepper plant, blueberries doing well, and lettuce is slowly recovering after whatever creature snacked on it!

Advice Needed: Green Pepper Woes

I really don’t know what is going wrong with my green pepper plant? I only have the one, and it’s in a container of it’s own. I am concerned about it because it doesn’t want to stand upright and I can’t seem to find the solution, or perhaps […]

Love For The Garden Grounds

Since there is nothing new to report on the garden front. (I watered my plants and they look just as happy as yesterday.) I decided to talk a short walk around the garden grounds and show you what kind of things we have in our viewing area.   […]