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Advice Needed: Green Pepper Woes

I really don’t know what is going wrong with my green pepper plant? I only have the one, and it’s in a container of it’s own. I am concerned about it because it doesn’t want to stand upright and I can’t seem to find the solution, or perhaps […]

Love For The Garden Grounds

Since there is nothing new to report on the garden front. (I watered my plants and they look just as happy as yesterday.) I decided to talk a short walk around the garden grounds and show you what kind of things we have in our viewing area.   […]

Day 1 Gardening Plans

I need to pick a plot of land or decide on whether I am going to invest in a raised garden bed for this years garden. Where we live the soils are very sandy. According to this website sandy soils are great for root crops. So there is a bonus […]