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Last Day of Class prior to Finals

First semester of classes – down! It is a great feeling to have accomplished so much this semester and to be proud of my results. I learned a lot about writing with style, Adobe InDesign, building a website from scratch, and technical writing. I found that I very […]

I Remember…

In class yesterday, we were to write from a writing prompt provided to us by the Professor, the prompt was “I remember,” and here is what I wrote. I remember.. when my sister was alive. I remember her as a happy woman so full of life, always pushing […]

Fun With Adobe InDesign

Learning a new Adobe tool in my classes! Adobe InDesign, I can see how this can be very beneficial in my future. It might even become the new tool I use to create my children’s books, we’ll just have to see! In class we are going to use […]

A Changeable Mind

Having a changeable mind has always plagued me. It’s almost like there is too much activity going on in my brain and I want to try everything because well, as we all learn, life is short. My new career awaits me and tonight I felt excitement at the […]