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This Week’s Reading Material

I’m off on running on the reading front, started a book a couple of days ago and managed to get more than halfway through. Honestly, if I hadn’t gone on my little coddiwomple Sunday I probably would have finished it. I am reading Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris. So far I […]

New Book In The Works

I started a new book today, this one is not for children. It’s an adult novel, and my goal is to write between 1000-2000 words per day. On the weekends I’ll double that number. I’d like to get my book written in a month, that way I have […]

Vacation Day and Writing Away

Today is my vacation day and I’ve spent the whole day writing. I am working on my next children’s book, Josephine and the Missing Necklace the sequel to Josephine. It was just published a few days ago, but I got pretty into this story and thought it needed to be continued so […]

Writing again..

I’ve been busy today, writing that is. I successfully completed my fourth children’s book, called Josephine. I am just waiting for it to be reviewed before it is available for sale. I also managed to squeeze in the writing of 3 articles today on Hubpages. If that doesn’t […]

How Do YOU Start Your Stories?

I’ve been having some trouble with writing my stories lately. Sometimes they seem to get lost in the plot, or I am not quite sure where the story is going so I just keep writing and see where it takes me, but what that seems to be resulting […]