Home Again (2017), A review

Alice Kinney (Reese Witherspoon), the daughter of the late John Kinney a famous film director, also a recently separated Mom of 2 beautiful daughters, is depressed with her life. After a night out on the town where she meets three young male aspiring filmmakers, her mother convinces her […]

School Break: A Short Story

I wrote this piece for class as well, but in the end decided to go with a different story I wrote for my final paper, which I shared on here as well…The Artist. Enjoy (It reads like a middle school-er book) Emma went crashing down the stairs, tossing […]

Last Day of Class prior to Finals

First semester of classes – down! It is a great feeling to have accomplished so much this semester and to be proud of my results. I learned a lot about writing with style, Adobe InDesign, building a website from scratch, and technical writing. I found that I very […]

The Artist: A Short Story

I wrote this story today for class, I haven’t yet received a grade, but either way I am quite proud of it. I am planning to take this short story and build it into a novel. So if you are reading this now, you are getting a sneak […]

Using Adobe InDesign for My Next Book?

I’ve been learning Adobe InDesign this semester for my writing classes, and I am rather interested in the program. My latest (and final) project for the class is creating a booklet, which got me thinking…why can’t I use Adobe InDesign for my next book? It is clearly set […]