Rough Night

Here is a short blip of a story, I wanted to practice writing in a different genre than I normally do just to see how I did. Enjoy.   She took a drag off the end of her half – smoked cigarette. Waiting in her car there was […]

Writer’s Market 2018

We celebrated Christmas early this year, and I got many beloved gifts including a homemade wreath (AMAZING), canvas, acrylic paints and brushes, the much desired make-up and exercise board (as seen on Shark Tank), but the one I am most excited to share with my fellow readers is […]

A Short Story: Jeanie

A lily sat on her table. She picked it up, and flung it against the wall. The shattering vase broke into thousands of pieces, shards flew back at her cutting her face and her hands, but she didn’t feel them. She was already in too much pain. She […]