The Mountain Between Us, A Review

Brief synopsis: The Mountain Between Us follows the trail of two people who finding themselves stranded at an airport, take a charter flight out so they can reach their destinations sooner. What follows is a terrible plane crash, leaving the two alive, but struggling for survival in remote mountainous […]

Re-Organizing For the New Year

With the New Year, I decided to do a major overhaul on my bedroom and bathroom. No, I don’t plan on rearranging furniture, but I do plan to re-organize everything to get started out right this year! My project for today includes cleaning up my room and making […]

2018 is Right Around the Corner

New Year’s Eve is almost here, and as much as I’d like to say I have plans, I do not. In fact, I usually never do anything on New Year’s – no particular thing against the holiday, it’s just that I am a bit of a homebody and […]