• oil


    When I was going through my feverishly painting stage, where I painted at least one or more paintings in a weekend. I completed these ballerina’s. I wanted to try doing a painting in a monochromatic scheme and this is what I got in the end. I wanted to do a close up of her fallen head and shoulders, and it turned into the painting I titled, sorrow below. The pink painting, was done in acrylic and is a much more recent painting I did of a photo I took of a ballet we saw performed this year. Please enjoy.  

  • oil

    Dancing Couple Series

    During a particularly stressful period of my life, I spent a lot of time painting to relieve that stress and I picked up my oils and paints and would paint all weekend long. During this period I painted a small collection of dancing couples. I googled images of dancing couples and once I found an image that I liked I painted it to the best of my ability and of course, I let my creativity and colors I wanted for each image shine through. Please enjoy one of my favorite groupings of paintings, the dancing couples.  

  • oil

    Coral Reef

    I painted to large coral reef paintings from photographs I found in two very different places. Although, together they look like they were made for each other.

  • oil

    Rooster Bob

    We had a very proud rooster that passed away this year. His name, was Rooster Bob. Rooster Bob used to protect his hens like nobodies business, god help you if you got to close! I took a picture of the proud rooster one morning, and this is the resulting two paintings, one in oils, and the other in acrylics.

  • Acrylic

    Acryclic Characters

    I did a series of acrylic images on long, narrow, pieces of wood that we had laying around our property. I also painted a cowboy boot using the same theme and we use it as a flower pot center piece. Two tiles and one round wood chunk, were painted with a similar theme, although instead of long and skinny the animals are squat and chubby. Again, this was probably the second thing I’d every used acrylics for before in my life as oils are generally my medium of choice. Please enjoy. I think these are nice festive and fun little creatures!

  • oil

    Short brush stroke style

    I experimented using short brush strokes and just dabbing at the canvas, and blending paints by dabbling. In this way I created the below two paintings. Both of these paintings were painted from photos I found in books.