Poetry, My Current Writing Dilemma

I’ve never written poetry before. I’ve read it, but I don’t always understand it. Poetry often baffles me. I love the rhythm of the words, but the deep meaning of the words usually escapes me. I’ve considered taking a poetry class, just to get an understanding, but it […]

I Bought My First Journal Today

I broke down and finally did it, I bought my first journal ever. I’ve had diaries before, but never a journal. The diaries are long gone, written when I was in middle school. To be completely honest I needed one for class, but I’ve been wanting one anyway […]

Day Four Healthy Living

To summarize day three and four: I did not keep my exercise goals. I know, I know, that’s the first sign of a quitter, but it’s also what happens when life gets in the way and you run out of time in your day to keep up with […]

Day One of Healthy Living

Today was definitely not perfect as far as healthy living goes, but I certainly did better than I have been doing. For starters I joined the My Fitness Pal app, and set up my goal weight and that I’d like to lose 2 lbs. per week to get there […]

Fairytale by Danielle Steel

Today I finished the book, Fairytale, by Danielle Steel. I have to tell you outright that I’ve never read anything like it. I have never read anything by Danielle Steel before, so I do not know if her style stays the same throughout all of her books, but I was […]