Category: RV Living

Dreams or Premonition?

I had a dream last night, a very vivid dream. One in which my sister, Becky, the one who passed away, picked out the perfect RV for me. It was a blue van, reconfigured with a bathroom inside, and when you opened the backdoors, there was a kitchen […]

RV Living or Traditional Living

I’ve realized lately that I am not one hundred percent sure that I want to go with the full-time RV life. I mean, it sounds wonderful in theory, but deciding if it is right for me is difficult. Most of the RVs that interest me, are very home-like. […]

Regarding the Types of RV

I’ve been going back and forth on the type of RV that is best for me and my pets on my glorious new adventure and I’ve learned a few minor things regarding the different types of RVs in my search. There are eight main types of models out […]