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    The Curse of the Inner Critic

    Whenever I am having a day like today, where my inner critic has deflated my ego I re-read this article.  It’s called “Can I draw?” – How to tell if you’re good enough. It reminds me that I need to focus on MY art and not trying to create a reproduction. Particularly in the case where I am trying to reproduce a photograph. It also reminds me not to be so darn hard on myself. It has been years since I’ve been drawing regularly, and like I mention all the time, you need to PRACTICE drawing to be good at it. You need to do it all the time. With that being…

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    Saturday Coddiwomple

    Today’s coddiwomple took me to one of my favorite nearby places, where I was hoping (and succeeded) in finding some inspiration for my next practice piece. Rockford, MI If you haven’t visited this small adorable town, I highly recommend it. Not only does it have beautiful walkways complete with a park alongside a dam. (Lot’s of fishing is done here!) It is filled with restaurants and unique shops for those who are so inclined to visit. You know you’re from a small town when….the local phone book has only one yellow page. I went early hoping to find a parking spot, and was shocked to see parking was already limited.…

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    Here is a sketch I did over the past couple of days, I am a big fan of drawing/painting dancers. (I found the original photograph on Pinterest.) I hope you like it!

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    Back when I started college the first time around, oh say, 20 years ago, I began sketching faces for practice. All I had near me were a bunch of small photographs of friends and relatives, so please enjoy my drawings of close friends and family of mine.