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    Playing With Watercolors

    I’ve never thought of myself as very good with watercolors because I have no experience using them. I am trying to change that by practicing with all types of mediums even those I am not as comfortable with. Today I did this by playing with watercolors. I had no idea what to paint, which is generally my biggest problem. I have a terrible time coming up with ideas, and yet the painting part usually seems like no big deal. I haven’t learned any techniques yet, so all I did today was pull out the paints, and see what I could come up with on my own prior to doing any…

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    Bird Feeder Post

    Today’s project was painting an eclectic mish-mash of colors on a bird feeder’s post. I started out by painting the whole thing solid white to get a base started, then proceeded to add color where I saw fit. Here are the pictures of it in progress and the final result:  

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    Modeling Clay

    And today’s creations are brought to you by modeling clay bought from my all time favorite store: Michael’s. And believe me when I say these might be some of the worlds worst masterpieces yet! Since I am going to guess you’ll have trouble being able to tell what these are from left to right we have a small square, doggy, and a bunny sculpture. BE NICE…I’ve never used clay before in my LIFE! This is all a first try for me, they are still wet. They air dry when finished so it’ll be a few days before I see how they really look, and perhaps I’ll paint them. I’m thinking…

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    New Art Supplies!

    I picked up some new drawing supplies today and what more fun could I have with it than to color with my niece! So today’s masterpieces, are purely for the entertainment and quality time we got to spend together. We reminisced, we chatted, we had a grand ol’ time catching up – It was basically all about the “girl” time.   In coloring ,there are no mistakes; just unique creations. -unknown

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    Still Life in Acrylic & Oil Pastels

    For my parent’s anniversary I got them a flower bouquet, little did I know at the time it was going to be a source of inspiration for my next two works of art. I created two pieces, both still life’s of the bouquet. I used oil pastels for the first replica: ¬†And for the second, I chose to use acrylics as my medium. Here are both pieces side by side:

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    Rope Baskets

    I spent a month or two working on creating a variety of rope baskets, below are my favorites.     These two tiny baskets are my “ring” baskets!