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    Practice Makes Perfect!

    I’ve been working on painting with acrylics since I really don’t know much about using the medium. A coworker was generous enough to give me a couple of packets of paintable canvas place-mats that they had laying around the house. I like to think I’ve been putting them to good use! I painted a landscape yesterday, and today I worked on a still life. I will be the first to admit that neither is my best work, in fact, I am not even going to share the final products with you. I am, however pleased that I may be getting better at manipulating acrylic painting. Slowly, but surely, after all,…

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    Still Life in Acrylic & Oil Pastels

    For my parent’s anniversary I got them a flower bouquet, little did I know at the time it was going to be a source of inspiration for my next two works of art. I created two pieces, both still life’s of the bouquet. I used oil pastels for the first replica: ¬†And for the second, I chose to use acrylics as my medium. Here are both pieces side by side:

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    I love the fun loving appearance and joy that folk art gives off, so I decided to see what I could make of it. This was my first experience with acrylic paints and I decided to paint with both canvas and wood. I call these both “Night.” The long slender painting was done on a 2×4 of wood, while the rectangular painting is on canvas.  

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    Acryclic Characters

    I did a series of acrylic images on long, narrow, pieces of wood that we had laying around our property. I also painted a cowboy boot using the same theme and we use it as a flower pot center piece. Two tiles and one round wood chunk, were painted with a similar theme, although instead of long and skinny the animals are squat and chubby. Again, this was probably the second thing I’d every used acrylics for before in my life as oils are generally my medium of choice. Please enjoy. I think these are nice festive and fun little creatures!