Update on “The Grass,” and Vlogging

I turned in my final draft of “The Grass” last night. It is quite different from the original piece, I had to change my ending. Our assignment guidelines were to create just one unbelievable thing in the story and make it believable, in my draft I had at least three unbelievable concepts and I had to eliminate them, which made me sad.

I liked my original piece better, although the second story of “The Grass,” is interesting as well, it did not flow as well as the first. I believe this is due to what my professor told me about my draft being written in poetic prose, and she wanted me to make it more concrete, since the assignment was not for poetic prose.

I worried about eliminating some of the word choices, and making changes to them that the flow would shift and it did. I was mostly worried that it would somehow take my writing from feeling three-dimensional to something flat and dull. It did not do this, however, I feel the plot was much more exciting in the original storyline.

This assignment is worth 100 points, so it’s a big one, and I am checking periodically to see if it has been graded, as I have been so nervous about it.

I would share the piece I’ve written with you, but again, I want to fix “The Grass” up until I am totally satisfied with it, even if I go back to the original poetic prose, and submit it somewhere for publication.

As for my vlogs I’ve decided I want a clear distinction between my blog and my vlog. I want my vlogs to be an extension of my blog, yet I do not want to share a vlog in every single one of my posts, and actually I only want to share a vlog on my blog on very specific occasions, perhaps just for my Coddiwomples. Did that confuse you at all? Ha Ha Ha.

I do not want repetitive information going out on both platforms, so if you follow my vlog, or for that matter my blog you will see/read two completely different aspects of my life. So if you’d like you can click here to subscribe to my vlog. I am updating these on a regular basis just like I do my blog. I will admit that I am a bit of an amateur right now, but I am improving steadily at my camera work!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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