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Poetic Prose, Knitting Surprises in the Mail, and other Monday Events

Today I had my creative writing class and it was workshop day, meaning we were getting into our peer review groups where we were getting feedback on our stories. The story I turned in was “The Grass.” I posted the rough draft on here earlier for you to read. I got some amazing feedback and I am looking forward to fixing my story and finalizing it. I decided the final version, which I am not going to share on my blog (Sorry guys!) is something I am going to submit for publication as I think it is my best piece so far.

Today, however, was full of surprises, which I shared with you on my vlog. Let’s just say that some things that came up cemented the idea in my head that I will be taken poetry classes in the future!

As for vlogging, well I still need some serious work at it. I tend to say “um” a lot, and there seems to be a little bit of camera shyness in me. If anything the vlogging experience should be good for my social skills, getting me out of my introverted shell and making way for a more open and socially adapt me. I imagine I will learn along the way to “loosen up” and “be free” as I am just a tad bit rehearsed at the moment. I figure though, you have to start somewhere!

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