New Camera and Camcorder!

Oh yeah, I broke down.

I’ve been wanting these for awhile, a new camera and a camcorder.

I finally did it.

I invested in a camera that takes superb photos! I am hoping by doing this I can increase the quality of the images I provide you in my blog, as well as gain some photography experience. I’ve taken photography classes before, and they all required the use of a Canon where you have absolute power and control over every image that you take, however, I am not looking for absolute power. I am looking for quality photos and ease of use, and I think I found that.

Nikon B500 Coolpix


This is the camera I went for, not only does it have great zoom functionality, but it does have some special effects that can be used on the images I take. So far I love it! For my camcorder, I went with a very simple handheld Canon. I can’t remember the exact specs at the moment, but I have to charge that baby up before I get to have the fun to play with it.

All of this came about because the other night I sat down with my nieces, logged into my Vimeo account and we watched an old movie I had made of some of her toys as characters. She told me that I had to make more of those and I believe she is right! It was fun making videos, and movies of random stuff, and I’d love to share that kind of creativity with you all as well.

My camera will be used to supplement my regular blog postings, and if I take (what I consider) a few exceptional photos I will share them in the photography section of my blog. Either way, I hope you all enjoy what my technology can bring to the table.

Here are a few very simple shots I took today, nothing spectacular, mostly just me playing around with my new camera. Enjoy!



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