It’s Gonna Be A Late Night Folks!

Attachment-1[711]Tonight is going to be never ending for me, as I just got home at 1035pm and now I have to write one paper, one story, and study for one test all before tomorrow! Some may call that early yet, but for me, that’s just about my bedtime! Not to worry though, I’ve got ample snacks on my desk (Hershey Kisses) to keep me fueled through the night, and of course, there is always coffee – if I opt for that route.

Of course, before I can get to my homework I must blog, right? You bloggers out there know how it goes, it’ll get me into the spirit of writing after all and get me all psyched up for my homework. (At least that is what I am hoping for!) Give’s me some time to brainstorm my story ideas!

Attachment-1[713]I have some news, other than my new camera/camcorder, I decided to start knitting again. I invested in some good, solid knitting needles (Is there any other kind?) and some yarn and I want to work on making a blanket. I know, I know, for a beginner that may be a little over the top, but I am going to work on it anyway. I found some beautiful soft yarn, multiple shades of blue that I want to turn into the perfect little lap blanket. I haven’t knitted in over three years, and even then I had just barely gotten started learning the different ways to knit, so I am just going for a very basic look, nothing fancy. I figure it will be the perfect way to pass the time while I am watching TV.

My camcorder is currently charging, but I got to play with it a bit. I think this is going to be a very fun little toy and with my Adobe membership, and Adobe Premiere at my fingertips, I just might be able to do a lot more than I expected with this little device. I say little, because it certainly is little, just a tiny bit bigger than the size of my hand. Nothing like the camcorder’s we used when I was in my media classes, but that’s okay, this one is for fun, not for professional use.

Time to stop procrastinating and to get to it! I will share the story I am writing for my creative writing class with you once I get it all finished. Until then – Enjoy your night!



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