Super Bowl Sunday 2018!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

That should mean, endless amounts of food, drink, and football watching, but it turns out after a long day of work – the entertainment came to a quick end for me. Personally I think it is a sign of my age, as my tired, worn out body from working all day has done me in and unwinding to something that hypes me up a little less seems to be in order.

I know, I am lame. I will admit, I am rooting for the underdog in this game, if they can be called the underdog having made it to the super bowl, the Eagles. It’s funny, I used to live in the New England states, and found myself once upon a time a fan of the Patriot’s, but since moving out of there again and back to the mid-west, I find I am much less interested in their successes and much happier for those that can actually take them on and win.

As always we made our quarterly score guesses, in hopes of winning the prizes on the table for this years game. For the first three quarters the winner gets some form of candy, but the big prize that every one wants is the honor of holding on to the family’s Super Bowl football that we pass each year to the winner of the closest score to the final game. The one who gets it, gets the honor of keeping it – until next Super Bowl – where it then get’s returned to the pot for the next year’s recipient. We’ve hung on to this tradition for three year’s now I’m proud to say without losing the football. We will have to see just how long we can hang in there without having to buy a new one!

I must admit, that although I participated in our game, I have not been paying much attention to the football game tonight. I’ve been taking multiple breaks from all the activity trying to get some rest in and hoping to sneak in some time to catch up on this weekend’s homework.

What kind of traditions do you have for Super Bowl Sunday?

Is there anything you’d like to share? Comment below and let us know the things you’re family does to keep the day moving forward!


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