My Book Has Officially Been Started!

Today I managed to get chapter one done of my novel. I still don’t want to share where I am planning on submitting it for publication, and they have very specific criteria to follow in the story line that I am working on. Yes, that means, you will get no hints on this novel! Boo!

I know that is a disappointment, but I am so excited!

I can’t wait to finish and share it with you. I worked it out, for this particularly publishing company, I need to write between 65,000 to 85,000 words for my novel. I’d LOVE to be able to finish the writing within a month, which means writing a minimum of 2200 words per day. Sounds easy right? Wrong. Not when I have school to work on as well, I’ll be lucky if I can get 500 words per day done.

I did however, have some extra time tonight to get started, and I have been brainstorming like crazy on what I want my story to reflect and I finally came up with something. So I sat down and knocked out my first chapter – a solid 2200 words. Hurray! I know, that really isn’t much. It only took me about an hour to get it down, and I did do a few minor edits while I was writing.

However, I want to focus on getting it all on paper – as fast as possible, as messy as it needs to be. So I can spend LOTS of time editing, LOTS of time perfecting, LOTS of time making the story mine, LOTS of time making the story publishable.

I am so very excited about where the story is going.

I am not so foolish as to expect miracles however, this is my first real publishing attempt and it may not happen for me. It may not happen the first time I submit it. It may not happen at the first place I submit it to, but eventually it will happen. That is my goal.

The goal here is to be an author by name, not just an author wannabe.

I can’t wait to share my story with you! For now though, just know that I am working my butt off on trying to get it done for you! Trying to perfect it. Trying to make it work. Trying to make it ready for you to enjoy!

Until then please be patient with me! I will try to update you now and then on my progress, although, no spoilers will be shared, as I need this one to be a complete surprise.




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2 thoughts on “My Book Has Officially Been Started!”

  1. Best of luck to you!

    1. ~Mel says:

      Thank you!

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