My Writing Space Revamped

My writing space needed an update.

Lately I’ve been just writing from the comfort of my bed, with my trusty laptop in front of me, but I recently decided if I was going to take this career seriously I was going to have to get myself a dedicated writing space.

Without further ado I swarmed Amazon, looking high and low for a desk that would suit my purposes. I knew what I didn’t want and that is a desk that is large and overbearing. I like things kept light and versatile, mobile, so I can sit where I choose and still work on my laptop. I also wanted a place I could dedicate in my bedroom to my writing and homework. Something small that would fit just in front of my bedroom window, so if inspiration is ever lacking, I need only look outside.

IMG_4525668.jpgThat’s when I spotted it. The perfect desk for me. It has wheels, so I can move it around the room, or into other rooms if I so choose, and it is the perfect height and width to hold my laptop, my lamp, and my Scentsation wax burner (oh, how I love to make things smell good!).

The desk came in two days, thanks to my Amazon Prime membership, and it only took me about 30 minutes to put it together.

My desk makes me happy!

You can’t even begin to understand just how happy this makes me.

I have a chair, lime green, that I settle myself in while I get comfortable in front of my desk. Right now my writing is primarily composed of the stuff I need for school, but soon, this summer possibly, I will finally get to start the book I want to at this very desk. The idea overwhelms me a bit, but primarily it just excites me.



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  • Joe Hart

    Your environment is definitely conducive to your creativity. Couldn’t agree with you more. Taking the time to set up the space you work is definitely worth it. Sometimes, though, I absolutely love writing or drawing while travelling – it brings something fresh and new to the process. Thanks for sharing Mel, I enjoyed the post.

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