Undercover Writer’s goal

New Goals in my Writing Life!

I came across an article online today discussing a publishing company that writers can submit a book to following their specific storyline criteria, word count, and other submission criteria. This particularly publishing company is like a dream come true to me. I want more than anything to get published with them. Their criteria fits my personality and my interests perfectly! I am also a huge fan of all of their work.

So what is the publishing company’s name?

Sorry, I’m not telling. I am keeping that one to myself for now. I don’t want to jinx myself. I am going to work on my book for them, as well as following their submission process before I give away the publishing companies name. First I’d like to get a book published through them, then I will share the name of it with all of you.

Did I mention that I am excited to even write a book for them? 

I recently looked up employment opportunities through this company for when I finish college, and came up dry, and was so disappointed, but now that I can write and submit unlimited stories to them I feel as though I have a chance to contribute to the company I have grown so fond of in the media industry.

This has really lifted me from the overwhelming burden I’ve placed on myself when it comes to writing a book. I sometimes get so impatient that I stop writing and I know just how wrong that is. It stunts my creativity and puts me at a standstill. Now, however, I feel alive again. Ready to write. Ready to pick up my laptop and knock out the complete story of my dreams for the publishing company of my dreams.

Why is this goal so undercover?

Great question!

It probably has more to do with my fear of failure than with anything else out there. I am afraid if I share the name of this publishing company and if I write a book (or many books) in order to submit them for publishing, well, what if I fail? What if I spend all this time writing books for them, and they do not accept them? What if it takes me twenty more years before I get a submission to them that they will accept? Where would that leave me?

I am afraid of the laughing stock I could make of myself by proclaiming my desire to publish through this company and yet, I have no idea if I would be successful at it yet. I’d much rather wait until I make a submission to let you know how things turn out in the end. The end result is most important I think.

If I fail to pass the first submission, I will learn from it, and adjust accordingly for my next submission. Either way, with this being my dream company to publish with, I know I will not give up trying to publish through them!

What motivates you to write? 

Is it where you can get published, like me? Is it because you have a story stuck inside of you that you have to get out? (I’ve done this one too.) Let’s hear the story! Share below in the comments, or feel free to link to your own blog on the subject!




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