Psychosis. A Poem

Shaking through and through,

fear runs the show.

Running through the woods, 

a sniper in the trees.

Dreams become real,

real becomes a dream.

Those you love are gone,

those around are deadly.

The secret is in the woods, 

the book holds the key.

Who am I, who are you?

My brain can’t understand,

what pills must I take?


Up night and day,

surviving anyway.

Carrying memories,

dreams distort these.

Faces morph away,

new smells are here to stay.

 My brain can’t understand, 

what pills must I take?


Braver day by day,

faces stop their play.

Dreams stay in my head,

the books words stay in place.

The smells go away, 

faces clear as day.

My brain can’t understand, 

Pills I must take. 






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