Poetry, My Current Writing Dilemma

I’ve never written poetry before.

I’ve read it, but I don’t always understand it. Poetry often baffles me. I love the rhythm of the words, but the deep meaning of the words usually escapes me. I’ve considered taking a poetry class, just to get an understanding, but it doesn’t fit in with my graduation schedule.

There is also the fact that I am terrified of poetry.

This semester I am going to have to learn to write poetry, as well as understand it, as I am taking creative writing. My worry is that I will make a complete fool of myself.

I faintly remember thinking I could write poems many, many years ago. I submitted them to a poetry board in college (the first time around) and immediately felt foolish. Who was I to submit poetry? I didn’t know anything about poetry. I was humiliated picturing all the people who were laughing at my meager attempts at rhyme. I deleted my submitted posts as soon as I could and threw them away, ashamed of myself for thinking that had the gall to think I could write a poem.

Now here I am, around 20 years later faced with the dreaded prospect of writing poetry. I am excited to learn, and terrified of my current lacking knowledge on the subject.

Remember how I told you I got my first journal today? I think I will practice my poetry in there.

You never know, Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven is one of my favorites, and my Dad often gave me limerick books when I was younger which I fell in love with reading. I also grew up with Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends, and devoured those poems, perhaps I will realize my fears unfounded?

Poems which tell a story and have a rhythm to them have always attracted me. However, there are some poems that simply baffle me, and I am not sure how to interpret them, or if I am interpreting them appropriately. This is my fear.

I intend to do my best as we learn poetry, and I start writing my own, first in my journal, but then perhaps I will get brave enough to share some of it with you.

All my best,


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