I Bought My First Journal Today

I broke down and finally did it, I bought my first journal ever. I’ve had diaries before, but never a journal. The diaries are long gone, written when I was in middle school. To be completely honest I needed one for class, but I’ve been wanting one anyway and I plan to keep up with it well after class finishes and hopefully for the rest of my life considering I learned how badly I need one for those tidbits I want to write that I don’t wish to necessarily share with the world.

I want to get writing in it as soon as possible. So far it’s all shiny and new. It’s far too shiny and newI didn’t buy into having to get one of those really fancy journals that sell for tons of money at the bookstores, I just went into the local grocery store and found a journal that looked usable. My journal is probably going to get beat up and used throughout the days I have it. I am not quite sure why I’d need to spend a fortune on a fancy journal when I know that I am kind of a klutz.

My journal has a black marbled look to it, with “NOTEBOOK” written on the cover. It definitely needs to be revamped to fit into my style, perhaps with some stickers or paint I will work on making it mine. The content within the cover will definitely make it ALL MINE.

journal2I bet your curious what I am going to keep in my journal. Well, it’s going to vary greatly, from writing prompts, to ideas, to nonfiction stories that I may not be ready to share with the world, to quotes, tidbits of conversation that I find interesting, words I like, anything really that strikes my fancy as far as words come into play. It will be my creative outlet, my collection of favorites, my go to for ideas when I get writer’s block.

Basically my journal is going to be a collection of things that I like, an extension of me in many ways. What it is NOT going to be is a diary collecting my daily activities, thoughts, and feelings, but instead a journal about my love affair with words.

Do you keep a journal? What are your favorite things to jot down?



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