Not Everything You Write Need Be Shared With The World

I wrote a short story last night. It was a nonfiction piece. It is something very deep and personal to me. It was an in-depth exploration of something that happened to me. An event that was a catalyst to my life.

I have considered using it as a nonfiction piece for my class, but again, it is so personal that I am not sure it is really something I should share, let alone want to. It brings tears to my eyes and those of my family, so deeply personal it is.

I considered sharing it on my blog, and then I wondered about the consequences of such an action. Will it alter my future if I share such a piece? I do not know.

Then it occurred to me, not everything you write needs to be shared with the world. Not every piece because it is written must be read. It will be read, by the right people at the right time. Perhaps now is not the time if I am so unsure of unleashing it publicly.

Perhaps those I trust the most will be favored with being allowed to read such a deeply intense nonfiction prose? Perhaps I will use it as a catalyst in a future novel, leading me into a story, taking away that which personalized it to me? Perhaps I will never share it at all and hold it tightly to my chest as a dear account of something that will only be passed on to those within my family?

I think it is important to remember that just because you are a writer you don’t need to share everything you’ve ever written. Some things are meant for you alone, or for certain people. Some things are private and personal.

I think it is important to write these things even if they are personal and private, just keep them somewhere safe. Somewhere for only you, to share with those you feel are worthy of the writing. Perhaps the place for them is in a journal, or in a safe under lock and key?

I think this realization has gotten me to uncover the importance of having a journal. I have struggled with the idea of needing a journal, feeling that my blog and current writing outlets are all sufficient. However, writing an intensely personal piece such as the one I wrote is meant more for a journal then for prying eyes. Now seems to be the time to invest in my first journal.

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  1. Totally agree with your analysis – not every experience needs to be /or should be shared. Don’t give every inter thought away… Some thoughts and experiences are only for you or those few people you choose to share with.

  2. Very well said. What you wrote is heartbreaking. I was part of this story and to read it through your eyes was heart wrenching. Love you – mom

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