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Day Two Healthy Living

Okay, so today was a bit rougher than yesterday. I managed to keep my calorie count below the recommended amount on My Fitness Pal and I knocked out a mile walking on the treadmill again. Last night I was able (just barely) to accomplish a few sit-ups and push-ups.

It’s only been one day, and I can feel a difference!

Even though things are getting tougher, I decided I am going to up my game tomorrow!Tomorrow I am going to increase my time on the treadmill, and do what I can to increase my sit-ups/push-ups.



Water, my new drink of choice

With this new Healthy Living kick I am on, I also decided to give up two bad habits of mine: cigarettes and my beloved Mountain Dew. Giving up cigarettes is going to be hard but it’s also one of the quickest ways to make me feel healthier. I’ve quit before, for as long as 2 1/2 years, but unfortunately I went back to it again. This time is different. I have a goal – Healthy Living – and I intend to keep it! The Mountain Dew, and just pop (soda) in general is a tough one too. I like my pop, but I noticed immediately how many calories they take up of my daily allowance and it is far more than I want to give up. I want those calories to be available for my meals. There is zero room in there for pop.  Even my sweetened ice tea that I had the past two days has to be history now – too many calories! That leaves me with something else to drink, something I’ve always detested, but need to learn to love – WATER!


Well it’s time for me to get going on tonight’s exercises! Have a wonderful night!




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