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Fairytale by Danielle Steel

Today I finished the book, Fairytale, by Danielle Steel. I have to tell you outright that I’ve never read anything like it. I have never read anything by Danielle Steel before, so I do not know if her style stays the same throughout all of her books, but I was really shocked by how different her writing style was. First of all there was very little dialog, it was mostly just background information, and it was a rather quick read with only 217 pages. I am not sure I can put my finger on exactly what makes the story so different then others I’ve read, but I think it was the lack of dialog and the fact that it felt like I was being told a story vs. being immersed in the story as you are in some books. I am not sure how I feel about that, yet.

Fairytale is basically the equivalent of a Cinderella story told from a modern perspective. We travel quickly through the fantastical love story of a man and a woman, to the birth of their only child (a daughter – Camille), followed by the loss of the woman. We are then rushed into a whirlwind romance between the man with a new woman (Maxine) who hurries to capture her prey. This new stepmother to Camille, becomes just as we expected in the Cinderella stories – the wicked one, one she must contend with. The story is another version of Cinderella spun quickly in Danielle Steel’s voice, with little dialog to accompany the story.

I knew what to expect of the story when I started it, having understood that this was another Cinderella fairytale story, so the story line was very predictable. Again, having been used to writing that immerses the reader in the story I was quite surprised that the writing for this story actually felt like I was sitting around a campfire being told the story instead. Again, this may be the authors regular writing style, however, I’ve not read anything by Danielle Steel until now.

The fact that this was a short story, was a rather blessing to me, as I might have been bored had the story gone on for much longer. I already know the story of Cinderella and re-reading another version of it, felt rather redundant.

It’s difficult to write much more with out giving away the ins and outs of this story for those of you that are interested in reading it, but as for myself, I have to admit, I am glad the story is over. I was getting bored. I had very little attachment to the characters as they were all extremely wealthy, and not average everyday folk that I could relate to. The story, I felt, could have been done more creatively, it felt very rushed with little actual depth to the story, just a superficial depth, which just barely kept my attention.

3/5 Stars

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