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The Mountain Between Us, A Review

Brief synopsis:

The Mountain Between Us follows the trail of two people who finding themselves stranded at an airport, take a charter flight out so they can reach their destinations sooner. What follows is a terrible plane crash, leaving the two alive, but struggling for survival in remote mountainous terrain hoping they will soon be rescued.


I have to admit, this movie was quite unexpected. I expected a survival story of the toughest kind, and what I found myself watching was a love story unfolding right before my eyes. I was pleasantly surprised by the entire thing. Every moment of them arguing and learning to trust each other had me right there with them wondering how I would react in such a situation. What would I do? Would I stay and wait to be found, or would I venture out looking for my own rescue? In their situation they seemed to make all of the best choices, which had me as the film watcher happy, yet the pessimistic side of me wondered how each situation they got themselves into could still end with a “happy ending.” Several times I thought they were done for – only to be pleasantly surprised that they pulled through. In this way, I’d say the movie was quite successful at pulling in many climatic moments to keep you on the edge of your seat. The ending – which I will not give away – gave way to tears in my eyes.

I know this is a film I will watch again!

4.5/5 Stars

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