Coddiwomple: Creston Brewery, Grand Rapids, MI

It’s been a long while since I’ve been on a coddiwomple, if you need a refresher on the definition you can find that here, so today we took a little trip in West Michigan to Grand Rapids and I joined the ranks of the other visitors to Creston Brewery for the first time.

Creston Brewery, located at 1504 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a newer brewery to pop up in the West Michigan area. Located in a neighborhood setting, with parking on the street at the meters, I often pass the place when it’s hopping in the evening hours.

Today, being the middle of the week, and early in the day, we arrived having the place to ourselves. (Going at odd hours has it’s perks!) First impression, I was impressed with the size of the place, expecting a much smaller brewery in my head, the décor was tables & booths, with a bar off to the back left. Plants & flowers filled up one corner, and games were noticeable in another area of the brewery (for Creston Brewery’s game night). It was a little chilly in the brewery, but the large windows allowing you to look out at the passerby’s on the street, let the sunlight come careening in keeping us nice and comfortable at our chosen booth. IMG_4472[379]

Our waitress was quick and efficient, getting us our drinks right away, and coming over right when we were ready to order. We sampled a variety of foods to get a good taste for the place, the braised beef empanadas, the deviled eggs, cobb salad, egg rolls, chips and bean dip (see their website for more of their fare.) We sampled Creston Brewery’s hot sauces, which are rated on a scale, and came in a little carrier from mildest to hottest (delicious – Hungarian was my favorite).

My cobb salad was amazing, and something I am always concerned about is whether I will have enough dressing – and well, there’s was just the right amount to make me happy. The deviled eggs were awesome, we loved these a lot, especially the capers that topped them. The egg rolls and empanadas were both my guests dishes, so I didn’t try them, but I will tell you that they both loved them. The empanadas were gluten-free and for my celiac-burdened guest it was a real treat to be able to finally order something that was fried without repercussions.

The chips and black bean dip was great, and kept us satisfied while we waited for our food, and gave us a good opportunity to try all of the hot sauces (well, the ones we were courageous enough to try).

Overall this was a very pleasant experience, the food was great, the atmosphere was nice and the restaurant was just starting to pick up as we were leaving, and our waitress made our experience nice by staying attentive to our needs, but not overly so. This is a place I will certainly return to in the future.






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