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Re-Organizing For the New Year

With the New Year, I decided to do a major overhaul on my bedroom and bathroom. No, I don’t plan on rearranging furniture, but I do plan to re-organize everything to get started out right this year!

My project for today includes cleaning up my room and making it as functional as possible, while also leaving it the cozy space I oh so need to unwind and write in, while with the bathroom it’s all about going through the numerous items I have and getting rid of the old to make room for the new and revamping and cleaning as I go.

In my bedroom, I needed to make a cozy nook next to my bed, that includes space for my Nook so I can read at night (hence, I can keep up with one of my resolutions) and a place where I can charge my cell phone. I also wanted space to place my Writer’s Market book near the bed to serve as inspiration for this year’s writing endeavors. My laptop on the other hand, seems to work best on a portable table that pulls over the bed which serves double purposes allowing me to work in the comfort of my bedroom or pull it out to the living room if I so choose.

In the bathroom, I intend to do a major overhaul – reorganizing the bathroom closet and making space for all of my things, while allowing the small space to still stay functional. For this I expect it to take my entire day, or at least a goodly portion of it!

In the end though, this re-organization will live me feeling calm, inspired, and thoughtful leaving me more room to do the things I really want to do like write, read, and be creative!

How do you plan to spend your New Year’s day?



  • randombitsoftrialanderror

    I need to do the same. Even though our space is limited, it’s amazing how our pantry, kitchen cabinets, and closet can become cluttered. When I organize, it helps me think more clearly. However, getting motivated to do it is a challenge at times. Maybe today I’ll take a little of your inspiration and try to do at least one area. Or then, maybe tomorrow. 🙂

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