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2018 is Right Around the Corner

New Year’s Eve is almost here, and as much as I’d like to say I have plans, I do not. In fact, I usually never do anything on New Year’s – no particular thing against the holiday, it’s just that I am a bit of a homebody and I’d much rather chill out at home and watch the ball drop from the comfort of my sofa! Some may call that lame, but I kind of love having no plans.

New Year’s Resolutions?

So this is where I come up with 18,000 resolutions that I don’t keep right? Just like every other year, where I mention them and then forget that they exist, so whether I keep them or not, well it doesn’t matter in the end because I have no idea what my goal was.

However, I feel compelled to come up with something so I will give you my list. The plan of course being that all of these things are very likely to be accomplished, and are not difficult resolutions to make.

  • Increase traffic to my blog – Promote, promote, promote!
  • Write several more short stories to share on my blog
  • Get at least 1/2 way through (if not further) on my novel
  • Get above a 3.00 in all my classes
  • Submit at least one story for publication
  • READ EVERY DAY(It’s amazing how writing all the time leaves little time for reading – and I love to read!)

Okay, so the last one is a little ambitious. I am not sure if I will get the opportunity to read every day, but I’d really like to. It’s certainly a goal I want to reach.

Notice how I didn’t mention any of the usual stuff that people do for resolutions, like lose 10 lbs, go to the gym more, eat healthier. Naw, that stuff is not for me. I mean, I want to do all those things also, but they are not my priority. My priority is on getting my new career going.

What kind of things are on your list for New Year’s Resolutions? Do you have any?

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