You Know You’ve Been Writing A Lot When Your Dreams Are Filled With Various Plots

A Writer’s Lesson Learned

Last night I had multiple dreams, none of which I can remember right now, but I do remember that I was doing my best to think up plots for a new short story and I dreamt up various versions, and in the midst of my dream – I thought- oh, wow, this would make a good story, I must remember to write it down. Unfortunately, it was one of those dreams that fades from memory almost as soon as your eyes open, but I’ve learned my lesson, perhaps what I really need to do is keep a pad of paper and pen near my bed so if I wake with some ideas I can easily jot them down!

Lesson learned!

Do you keep a journal?

Which reminds me, I had a question for my readers, and other writer’s out there. How many of you keep journals? I am not concerned with the content, but just curious if you find the time to keep a journal on top of all the other reading and writing that you do?

I know that my sister was a writer who kept journals, she had several of them, me on the other hand, I don’t even own one. I guess the reason I wonder about this is because since I’ve started blogging, I wouldn’t for the life of me know what to put in my journal. It often seems that I voice my thoughts within my blog, so what is left over for my journal?

Not much.

I suppose I could use a journal to jot down ideas for stories when I don’t have my laptop with me, but at the moment I am joined to the hip with my laptop and don’t often have a need for that. (The exception of course being when I awake from a dream that had a terrific plot!)

The journal is oh so enticing to me, however, and I imagine there will come a day when I finally bow down to its glory.

A Little About Me and My Pups

I’m a big fan of comfort and things that make me feel cozy are generally found in my home. I love blues, grays, and browns together as colors in my home. There is something soothing to me about those colors, they don’t boast of nonstop activity, but of relaxation and rest. I also love when it is cold outside (like the artic blast, we are currently feeling) and I get to turn my little space heater that looks like a fireplace on and just unwind with my laptop, typing away the evening. So today, when I went to the store, and saw an ultra cozy (gray) orthopedic pet bed which was perfect for my older dog, Sandy, I had to buy it for her. (It fit into my home so perfectly.)

The result of the bed has been quite hysterical, as my younger pup, Mickey, can get quite jealous when Sandy takes any of my attention away from him. Needless to say after much fussing around – they are now both sharing the new bed! It seems even though the bed was meant for one, it is working out for two anyway (or at least they are going to make sure it is for both of them!)

Have a wonderful night!




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