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Rough Night

Here is a short blip of a story, I wanted to practice writing in a different genre than I normally do just to see how I did. Enjoy.


She took a drag off the end of her half – smoked cigarette. Waiting in her car there was not much else for her to do. She took another drag, getting impatient now that she was on her third cigarette and she was still waiting for something to happen.

Jules was staking out the house across the street, waiting and watching for her boyfriend to make an appearance again. She had just pulled into his driveway when she spotted him disappearing into the door of the neighbor across the street. It was unlike Michael to hang out with his neighbors, she knew he was rather a loner like her, it’s what made them such a good fit. They kept each other company, both being often misunderstood in most social circles.

Something must be wrong, Jules thought. Michael has been gone for a good thirty minutes, and tonight is Christmas Eve. He knew Jules was on her way over, they had planned to spend the holiday together. Jules pulled out another cigarette, having flicked her last one to the ground two minutes ago. She lit it, still keeping her eyes on the neighbor’s front door. What could Michael be doing over there on Christmas Eve?

She tried to think back to anything Michael might have told her about that neighbor, but she knew that he hadn’t mentioned the woman who lived there. Woman, Jules thought, is that why he is there? Is that woman making a move on her boyfriend tonight, of all nights?

Jules took another drag on her cigarette, throwing it to the ground with purpose, fed up with the way her thoughts had turned. She should just walk over there and find out what is going on, then she could stop worrying.

Her mind made up, Jules got out of the car, putting on her black leather gloves, the ones Michael bought her yesterday, she zipped her coat, and decided she had procrastinated enough, started walking across the snow covered ground towards the neighbor’s door.

The snow crunched under each step she took, breaking the quiet of the cul-de-sac. Jules reached the door. She knocked loudly.

She heard a banging sound, and she thought she heard a muffled yell, that should have been Jules first warning. However, not getting a response to the first knock, Jules knocked again.

This time the door opened. A woman stood there. Blond short slicked hair, greased back like only models seem to be able to pull off, sat atop a very tall woman’s head. The woman had eyebrows that were tweezed or plucked till there was nothing left, and there was only a pencil drawing reminiscent of the original brow.  Beneath that, however, was what left Jules gaping. Her eyes, were yellow, not brown, blue, green, or hazel, yellow! She must be wearing colored contacts. Her mouth was covered in red lipstick, and opened to say, “Can I help you?” in what was a surprisingly rough voice, almost masculine.

Jules stuttered, as someone who is already uncomfortable in most social situations this woman, answering this door, in this neighborhood, had not been what she was expecting. “Is Michael here?”

“Nobodies here, but me and my boyfriend, Skip.” The gruff voice responded coldly. “Skip, come’n over here.” A short, yet heavyset man moved into the doorway.. The man looked over Jules quickly, and glanced back at the woman, shrugging his shoulders.

“Whaddya want? I got business.” The man, Skip, said, “You know that.”

“I’m sorry for interrupting,” Jules said, “but I thought I saw my boyfriend, Michael come into your house a minute a go.”

“Michael? We don’t know no Michael’s. Come’n Lucy, we got business to attend to.” Skip said.

“Sorry, ma’am,” Lucy said and promptly closed the door in Jules face.

Jules was confused. She turned to walk back towards Michael’s thinking maybe she had only thought she saw Michael, but as she crunched down the porch steps she heard a noise coming from the bushes, a whispering.

“Jules” the voice whispered. “I’m in the bushes. Call the police, the neighbor’s are being robbed!”

Jules recognized that voice immediately as Michael’s but didn’t have time to respond let alone call the police because the door behind her suddenly opened again and Lucy stood in the doorway.

“You still here?” She said, clearly disappointed. “I had a feeling you might be.”

Jules heard a sound she never expected to hear in a million years except for on TV. The click of a revolver setting in place, she turned back slowly, expecting the worse, and seeing that things were indeed worse.

Lucy was not alone in the doorway, Skip stood behind her, “Bring her in Luce,” he said, “She has seen too much.”

Jules entered the house, seeing that the house was indeed in the process of being robbed. Could her Christmas Eve really get any worse? Jules was glad to know that Michael was right outside, as he would have heard the whole conversation and get her help, but as Jules looked around at her two captors, she realized that she didn’t think she was going to have that long. She was going to have to do something to free herself from this mess.

Jules noticed they didn’t seem to have planned for her appearance in the midst of the robbery, so she had that advantage, plus she knew Michael would be getting her help by now.

Lucy held the revolver on Jules, while Skip appeared to be looking for someway to tie her up.

Jules said, “You could have let me go.”

Lucy laughed hatefully, “Not a chance, girly, you’ve seen our faces.”

Skip seemed to have found what he was looking for, and shortly Jules found her self seated in a chair in front of the Christmas Tree with the lights used as ties to hold her to the chair.

Bruises were appearing on her arms where Skip man-handled her, and Jules was getting angry now. This was not how she planned to spend her Christmas Eve, she was supposed to be at home with Michael, opening their Christmas gifts and having some spiked eggnog. Boy could she use some of that eggnog now! Thinking of Michael, Jules wondered what was taking so long.

Jules stayed quiet not knowing quite what to say to her captors. Skip and Lucy had their bag of valuables all ready by the door, but they were lost in conversation in the kitchen. Jules had a bad feeling they were talking about her and what to do with her. She couldn’t hear them, however, which made her realize they couldn’t hear her either.

Jules tore at the lights wrapped around her wrists and realized she was not going to get them off, but that didn’t stop her from scooting her chair across the room. Her plan was to get over to the door and get out before they could reach her. She was halfway there when she suddenly realized the noise in the kitchen was quiet.

Skip and Lucy were both standing in the doorway glaring at her. “I don’t think so,” Skip said, pulling Jules back into the center of the room. Looking at Lucy, he said, “I told you we need to get rid of her.”

Jules was frightened now. This was turning into a life or death situation quickly. Michael better hurry, she thought, I might not have much time left.

Lucy raised the revolver, pointing it at Jules’s head. Jules swallowed holding very still.

Just as Jules thought she was done for, a shot rang out, instead of it hitting her, however, Lucy cried out in pain grabbing at her hand, which no longer held the revolver. Skip yelled, “Oh shit,” and swung at Jules hitting her in the head, and the next thing Jules remembered was that she was sitting at the local police station with Michael right beside her, holding her hand and she could hear the faint sound of Christmas music playing in the background.











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