Christmas Break Means Writing Deadlines are Set!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful and blessed day, and enjoying it with the ones you love, albeit pets or people! I am rotating my day between spending it with my pets and the people in my life, since my pets and my parent’s pets do not get along well. This means, I spend part of my day visiting with the family, and the other part of the day chilling with the pets. Currently – I am chilling with the pets, giving me the time to blog.

Christmas break has been busy so far for me, and by that I mean, I’ve been at work nearly every day up until Christmas, but things are about to change as I get several days off now, which means it is the perfect time for me to start making writing deadlines for myself.

Here they go, my deadlines for this break include finishing Chapter 1 of my novel, and hopefully getting started on Chapter 2. I am also hoping to work on a short story, which will not be published on my blog this time, but be written for submission to a contest or short story publication.

This is a rather ambitious list for my Christmas break, but I think I can handle it. It’s just a matter of getting started on writing and then I can push forward in no time! Lately I think I have been suffering from a little writer’s block. I’ve had trouble coming up with blog ideas, trouble coming up with ideas for my novel, and trouble coming up with a new short story – and yet, when I normally write, I just start writing. One sentence comes out (about anything), followed by the next sentence, and soon enough I have three plus sentences in a row, and viola I am on my way to writing my next great story.

I think writing my novel is going to be the most challenging thing I do, but I have a deadline in mind for completion of the novel: Winter 2019. I want it to be complete by the end of winter 2019. I think with full – time school and work, this is ambitious. However, I do not think the writing will be able to get done in any other way – and a deadline, will help to keep me motivated to write when I get the opportunity.

I hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas! For now, though, I am going to get back to rotating to spend time with family!

Love you all ~mel


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