Writer’s Market 2018

We celebrated Christmas early this year, and I got many beloved gifts including a homemade wreath (AMAZING), canvas, acrylic paints and brushes, the much desired make-up and exercise board (as seen on Shark Tank), but the one I am most excited to share with my fellow readers is the beloved book: Writer’s Market 2018.

I always remember this book as the one my sister lived by for sending in her work for publication, and now it is my turn to follow in her footsteps. This book has so many useful things including tips on writing, as well as the coveted information supplied and sorted appropriately for you to find agents and publishers.

I’ve already read much of this book, and skimmed through the listings, putting stars next to those I think fit my work. I am so excited about this book because instead of me just posting my work here on my blog, I might just save a few pieces and submit them for publication instead. After all, the real goal here is to build my name as an author – and I can’t really call myself that until I have become published!

I am so motivated for getting published, and working on my book. No more hints though on the book, at least not right now. I am also quite interested in working on short stories and making an effort to submit them for publication as well. After all, what good is a story if nobody reads it? I want people to read and enjoy my stories. I want my stories to make people think, and feel things they didn’t know they felt. I want emotion in my stories!

While I am very excited about submitting my work for contests, I am also terrified that I could in some cases, be competing with many well-known established authors. Authors who I idolize. Imagine competing against them with a story? How fearful! And yet, what a compliment that would be if I won? How fulfilling that would be!

For now, however, I just need to work on the writing….and writing…and writing…and writing…until I polish up my stories to the best of my ability. Then and only then will I submit my work and hope for the best!

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