Let Me Introduce My Future Editor, If I May…

I’ve needed an editor forever, and now that I am working on a novel, and I am putting many hours into it, I want my novel to look good. I happened to be chatting with an old college buddy of mine, let’s just call him, L. for now until he is aware that I am declaring him my “official” editor. L. basically said, what the heck, Mel, I’ll be your editor! He announced to me his qualifications, “grammar nazi” – check, and that was all I needed to hear! HIRED!

Of course, L. is not going to be in business with me yet, as I am still in the very early stages of my first “real” novel, but when I get there – he is the first I’ll call to see if his editing services are still available. (I have a feeling with school and work occupying so much of my time, that it could just be at least a year.) Let us hope that L. is still so keen to help at that point. Let’s hope L. also understands that said book is expected to be around three hundred pages – and edited that much is no easy feat.

Either way, I am grateful for L.’s offer and hope very much to take him up on it, sooner rather than later.



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