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Home Again (2017), A review

Alice Kinney (Reese Witherspoon), the daughter of the late John Kinney a famous film director, also a recently separated Mom of 2 beautiful daughters, is depressed with her life. After a night out on the town where she meets three young male aspiring filmmakers, her mother convinces her to take them into her home and let them stay with her while they got on their feet. After initially dragging her feet on the idea, she slowly begins to get wooed by one of the young men, dragging her out of her depression. When the husband returns on the scene, things get complicated with the men in her life.

I expected a lot more out of this film. It was good, but it didn’t wow me. I love Reese Witherspoon, and usually love every movie she is in, but this movie just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t think the idea of moving three young men who you just met into your home so quickly was believable. Perhaps I am just showing my own cautious side here, but I don’t see that ever happening in real life.

All that being said, as the movie progressed, like Alice, I did found myself growing fond of each of the aspiring filmmakers, as each had qualities worth being admired, and when the moment came (spoiler alert!) that they were told to leave, I was heartbroken for them. The reunion couldn’t have been sweeter in my eyes. I was touched by the emotion it brought to me, even with my initial interest in the film waning due to the premise in the beginning.

In the end, I had conflicting feelings about the film, initially disliking it, but slowly growing to like it, and at points being moved to tears. This movie was not what I expected, a typical romance film, but it was a good film and worth watching at least once. It was more about life and the people we meet along the way and how they can touch our lives than anything else to me.

3.5/5 Stars





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