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Weather Forecast: 5″-8″ of Snow

Oh yeah, we are expecting a lot of snow today! They are saying to stay off the roads if at all possible, but alas, today is my last day of finals and I am going to be out all day in this mess! I have to admit my little VW Beetle is handling all this like a champ! Thank the Lord, since she is all I got!

I have to admit, there are bonuses to having good grades in all my classes, like their being no need to study for finals because no matter how I do, my grades will not suffer at this point. Although, I certainly do peak at the study guides prior to the exams…it’s a nice refresher after all.

I am hoping during this break to get another book read and a review out to you all. I have a little bit of time off here and I plan to use it to get caught up on my reading as well as my writing. I am currently reading Fairytale by Danielle Steele. I like to think I will get that read, and the review out to you within the next couple of weeks. Fingers-crossed!

Just a little side note – I’ve been doing some thinking and I am back to being interested in going for that Library Science degree (and writing on the side). It’s not that I don’t want to be a writer, on the contrary, I want to be surrounded by books and the idea of working in a library while I try to build my name as an author sounds ideal to me.

Well, it’s time for that final to start – so I have to cut this one short.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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