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Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate, a Review

The back of this book drew me in immediately and I knew I wanted to read it. The story, based on truth, surrounding a tragedy called to me particularly when realizing it was about children. Who can resist heart wrenching truth? Especially when it surrounds the tale of a family who’s children were stolen from them and what those children went through.

After the prelude I’ll admit I was initially thrown into confusion. There were so many characters and the back and forth between Avery’s present day story and Rill’s past, it had me lost for the first four chapters. After that however, a pleasant rhythm seemed to occupy the story and I was so involved in each (Avery and Rill’s) stories that I couldn’t wait to get back to the next one. The characters fell into place and I understood them all.

I already mentioned that this story is heart wrenching, to give you an example – I began reading it prior to starting work and the next thing you know I had tears streaming down my face! I was quite a mess for work that day, but I just couldn’t put the story down at that point. I was far too engrossed!

I loved so many of the characters, while being horrified with others. This was a book I couldn’t put down in the end, and one that makes you think and want to research the truth behind the story.

I highly recommend this book.

5/5 stars


  • randombitsoftrialanderror

    I loved this book! I did some research afterwards with other accounts, and it was so heartbreaking. The resiliency of people to survive through horrifying circumstances amazes me. I was sad that we never found out Camellia’s fate for sure–only the assumption of what happened to her. This is a great review.

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