Last Day of Class prior to Finals

First semester of classes – down!

It is a great feeling to have accomplished so much this semester and to be proud of my results. I learned a lot about writing with style, Adobe InDesign, building a website from scratch, and technical writing. I found that I very much want to continue along this path – and I am very excited about next semester because I’ll be able to take the long awaited creative writing class, foundations of language, studies in fiction, and writing for the World Wide Web! All of which should be excellent courses for my future, as well as all are right in line with my own goals!

Today is my official last day of classes, with next week being the dreaded finals week. Although I’ll admit, I am not too worried as my Professors have put less emphasis on the finals grade vs. how they used to in the past count for a large portion of your grade. So I already have a general idea of what my final grades will be.

Also, today is the first real big day of snow we’ve seen here in Michigan, with ~4 inches sticking to the ground on campus. I will say that with this being the first time I have driven my VW Bug in the snow, it was a tremendously scary venture. I made it through however, and as the day progresses and the snow gets cleared of the roads, then I am a little less apprehensive of my drive home.

I hope all is well with you all, and that you’re staying warm!




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