Using Adobe InDesign for My Next Book?

I’ve been learning Adobe InDesign this semester for my writing classes, and I am rather interested in the program. My latest (and final) project for the class is creating a booklet, which got me thinking…why can’t I use Adobe InDesign for my next book? It is clearly set up for making multiple types of documents, and I believe that writing a book using Adobe InDesign could give me some greater control over the outcome of my book.

So many typefaces are available to use, as well as the being able to decide on the layout and link textboxes. There are so many interesting features in Adobe InDesign! I am quite entranced with it at the moment! You can even make graphical images using just InDesign, as well as import images that you’d like to use in your document.

It is all quite fascinating. I am pretty sure the next book I work on I am going to work on by using Adobe’s InDesign software. It will be my first attempt. I’ve even done a little research on tips for writing a book in InDesign and go figure, there are a lot of resources out there to help you!

This has solidified this idea in my mind quite a bit, but here is what I’d like to know…are any of my readers out there familiar with Adobe InDesign? Have you used it for authoring books? What are the positives and negatives of the software? So far, all I can find are the positives, but I am certain there is something that someone has found to be difficult to accomplish with InDesign. What tips can you give me before I begin this venture?

Thanks for your help!



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