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It was Thanksgiving time in the Kendal household, and that meant only one thing, food and lots of it. But Katy wasn’t interested in just any food, she was interested in the turkey – but most especially the wish bone within the turkey. You see, Katy just learned from her Uncle Jim the story of the magic wish bone, and how when you win the wishbone tug, breaking it apart, the winner with the larger piece of the wishbone – gets granted one wish.

This year Katy had a big wish to make, making the wishbone tug especially important to her. She was going to have to compete with her sister. She just knew her sister would waste the wish on something silly, like candy, or dessert. She knew if she shared her wish with her sister, she would probably want it too, but Katy was too afraid sharing her wish would make it not come true. She just had to win.

She grabbed a sock off of the floor of her bedroom tying one end to the bedroom’s doorknob. She pulled with all her might, tightening the knot until it was griping the doorknob so tightly she knew she’d have trouble removing it. She’d been doing this for the last few days, trying to work up her strength for the big wishbone tug.

Her parents didn’t understand, and she didn’t expect them to. They didn’t know how important her wish was. They couldn’t figure out why every night after Katy had gone to bed they had to remove a tightened, stretched out sock from her doorknob. Katy knew if they knew her wish, they too would want her to win, and yet she still wasn’t able to share her wish – so afraid was she that it would jinx her and make her wish not come true.

Katy had only tonight to practice for the wishbone tug, as the big day – Thanksgiving – was tomorrow. She pulled and pulled on that sock, until something happened. Something unexpected. Her doorknob came loose and fell out! Katy knew she’d be in trouble when her parents saw the mess, but she couldn’t help but smile for now she knew she was ready. If she could pull a doorknob out, her untrained sister didn’t stand a chance.

Katy went to bed that night at ease, confident that her wish would be allowed to come true. Yet, she was restless and dreamt of moving trucks and her family packing their belongings to leave their home behind them. She awoke feeling less confident after the dream, as it tore at the very core of her wish. You see Katy overheard her father and mother talking two weeks ago, about her father’s job. She overheard the words, “transfer” and “move” and she heard her mother cry, while her father held her. Hearing her mother cry really got to Katy – it was a rare thing to see her strong mother and father in a position of such vulnerability.  Katy had decided right then and there, that she had to do something, and she spent a lot of time thinking about it – but when Uncle Jim was over last week he told them the story of the wishbone tug. She listened attentively – and took note of the entire story, having kept hold of it in her memory so that she would know how to get a wish granted.

Katy needed this wish to happen for her family. They needed to stay in Northport. It was where they’ve always lived, her father and mother even met here. Leaving would be hard on all of them.

Katy awoke this Thanksgiving day with some trepidation – fearful, what if she lost? Katy knew she had to win. She just had to!

She decided to where her favorite outfit, blue jeans and a soft t-shirt, something comfortable and easy to move in. She didn’t want to dress up and risk not being able to put all her effort into the wishbone tug.

Katy’s sister came knocking on her door. “Mornin’ Beanie!” Katy’s sister Ilandra called. “Time to get up!”

“I’m up already,” Katy called back opening the door only to notice her sister had already moved on, out to the kitchen.

Katy followed watching her Mom preparing the turkey for roasting first thing in the morning. Today was going to be a long day, she thought. We have to cook the turkey, carve the turkey, and eat the turkey, all before I even get to try for the wishbone tug!

Katy did her best to mingle with other relatives who’d showed up for Thanksgiving. When all she really wanted to do was press fast-forward on the day and skip right to the wishbone tug! The day dragged on, but Katy tried to keep positive, resting often, so as to save her energy for the tug.

Finally, it was time to eat, the turkey was carved, the table was set, and people began to eat. Katy was too nervous to eat, which really says a lot. Her mother remarked on it twice during dinner, but Katy knew with it being a holiday her mother wouldn’t make a big deal of it.

The time had finally arrived, the dished were cleaned up – the last of the turkey had been picked at and their laying on the counter was the wishbone. Uncle Jim walking by, noticed Katy staring intently at the wishbone, and took it upon himself to progress the game time. Announcing quite loudly, “Hey Illandra, when are you and Katy going to fight over the wishbone?”

Mom turned away from the kitchen cleanup to focus on Katy. “I think it is time, Katy.” She said gently.

Katy and Illandra each grabbed an end of the wishbone. It was much slipperier than Katy had expected, she began to get worried. They looked each other in the eye, Uncle Jim announced, “Start!” And the tugging began. At first neither of them could break it. But just as Katy and Illandra were ready to give up, they heard a loud CRACK! It broke!

Questions for you readers:

Did Katy get her wish? or do you think that Illandra won?

Do you think the family will have to relocate? How would you like the story to end?

Comment below!! 🙂 Have fun – and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. I have a feeling Illandra won. I felt an affinity with Katy and (like me) she may have overthought the process and tried too hard. I also think the family did relocate, but Katy will realize later it opened doors for her she never would have experienced if they’d stayed. Great story and I love you left it open-ended. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Dawn

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