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Wonder Woman – A Movie Review

Wonder Woman, I’ve been wanting to see this movie since I’ve heard it was coming out, and finally tonight, I saw it. The beginning of the film drew me in right away. Little Diana wanting so badly to learn to fight, a fierce woman even as a child. Followed by her growing into a teenager training at her Aunt’s direction.

The humor upon Diana meeting a man for the first time, struck me. As well as her desire to fight, and do what’s right, and leaving against her mother’s wishes. Leading her to take the tools which she will become so well known for the lasso, shield, and sword.

The movie was both serious, with bits of humor thrown in, especially as Diana learns about the ways of the world through her companion. I expected more of a super hero type film, and was pleasantly surprised to find Diana thrown into a familiar world. The action when it happened, however did not leave me feeling as though I was lacking in my expectations.

With Diana’s continuous desire to reach the midst of the fighting where she can take on Aries, the God of War, and her companion (Chris Pine) eager to stop the release of the weapon he has discovered. They continue onward with their journey.

Overall, I thought the movie was very well done and something I would watch again and again given the option. The story of Wonder Woman is not something I know well, and the take the movie took on it really kept me interested. I was more than fascinated with Wonder Woman, or Diana, as she is referred to in the film and I can certainly see where all the girl-power conversations wrapped around this movie came from.



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