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First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

Brief Synopsis:

firstfrostFirst Frost is a magical tale, where we follow the path of the Waverly women. Starting out we follow Bay, the fifteen year old daughter of Sydney Waverly, as she traverses high school with abilities that set her apart from the norm making her somewhat of an outcast among her peers. Bay has her heart set on love this Fall season, and is quite heartsick over her situation. Claire Waverly, and Bay’s Aunt (Sydney’s sister), is just getting started on her ever-growing candy business and Sydney Waverly on the other hand, has her heart set on having another child with a desire that threatens to overwhelm her. Amidst all of this, a stranger appears in the town that causes the Waverly sister’s to make an unexpected decision.


Everything about this book screamed “enchanting” from the way the author wrote, to her descriptions, to the unique story each of her characters bring to play. I enjoyed this book very much. Following Bay, along her teenage crush journey, and Claire and her candy making business, and then Sydney, Bay’s mother, with her desire to have another child. Oh what an interesting group the Waverly women are, each with their own secret magical abilities, whether it be with food, hair, or knowing just right where things belong. This doesn’t read like your typical fantasy novel, by no means, it is just a few woman with some extra talents that live their lives out with us normal folk.

Even our stranger with his secret agenda, pulled at my heartstrings as his story unfolded. No one should endure what that man did as a child, it is no wonder that he has grown into the man he has become – and now he is about to encounter the Waverly women on their home turf. How interested I have become as the story unfolds.

I would recommend this to anyone with an interest in a world that pulls you in to their enchanting embrace. This was a very enjoyable book, and it is the second in the Waverly Sister’s series. I have to admit, I have not yet read the first book, but will after reading this one!


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